30 December 2008

Monster Hunter Orage

It is a world full of monsters and adventurers who hunt them. They are called Monster Hunters. The plot revolves around a young Monster Hunter, Shiki. When Shiki was a young boy, he was taken as an apprentice to a Monster Hunter named Gurelli, but it was not too long after that Gurelli was killed by a gunpowder accident. After a few years, he comes back to Akamaaya Town (where his master resided) to join the guild there. In that guild, he meets a girl called Irie and after a series of events, he finds that she is the daughter of his master. From this point onwards, they form a party to find the legendary Miogaruna, which was Gurelli`s life-long ambition.

28 December 2008

The Law of Ueki

Ueki Kosuke middle schooler is calm and cool, who enjoy cleaning up the environment. To match his love of nature, he was given the strange ability to turn garbage into trees, his teacher Kobayashi, who is God, who must find a worthy person holding all his power and become his successor as a god. However, there is a price to be paid is set, how many times can use their skills and using his last opportunity to die. Ueki does not know it yet but his teacher, he came into the contest compete for a chance to become one of the gods against the other candidates God. "Will Ueki be able to complete its task, or the attempt was unsuccessful, and at what price?

Well, I admit premise of this series appears to be a bit faded, but what I took from the first episode was not what I expected. Ueki is a funny and likable and uses his ability lame in creative ways he tries to overcome his opponents. Animation is average, but it seems to be a nice break from the light of one of a series of heavier reminded me a little Hunter X Hunter. This could go either way, but if you are interested in a good range of light to break up the complex storylines and a lot of other series there to see.

25 December 2008

All About Naruto - Did you know that?

Did you know that the name of Uzumaki Naruto comes from the city, Tokushima Prefecture of Japan named Naruto? Naruto city was founded on March 15, 1947 and has 64,257 inhabitants and the density of 474.40 / km ². Naruto is best known for the Naruto Whirlpools (Uzumaki Naruto Uzumaki s), a famous tourist attraction. Naruto also is home to Ryozenji and Gokurakuji temple, the first two temples of 88 temples on Shikoku pilgrimage believed to have visited the famous Buddhist monk kukai, who was born in Zentsuji Prefecture on Shikoku in 774th Pilgrimage is a long 745 miles (1200 kilometers) and traditionally walked, which can reach up to 60 days. Those throughout the pilgrimage known as the Henri-san, and are often identified by their white clothing, sedge hats and walking sticks. Naruto is also Ohnaruto Bridge, the suspension bridge on the route that connects Kobe with Naruto. Completion in 1985 a bridge over the Naruto Strait (location of the Naruto Whirlpools) and has a margin of 876 meters (2,874 feet), is announced on the 25th, the highest bridge in the world.

Everything about Naruto - Series

Naruto is anime and manga series created by Masashi Kishi Moto centered around loud, hyper, young Ninja, which is constantly searching for approval and recognition, with a big ambition to become Hokage. First published as a manga series in Japan by Shueisha in the 43rd issue of Shonen Jump magazine in November 1999 Naruto series has increased exponentially in popularity and has since been licensed in the U.S. (VIZ Media is becoming the best selling title) and nearly two dozen other countries, with the anime series currently ventilation in 18 countries.

Although the anime series debuted on TV in Japan on October 3, 2002 nearly three years after the manga series, which first appeared quickly caught up, because each element can cover up to two chapters. To prevent the series was pulled from the air and almost completely cancel without official story to base a lot (and death) of other anime such as Rurouni Kenshin, that decision has been made for the production of original content for manga anime series to time to move forward and keep Naruto fresh in the minds of many of his supporters. Since the episodes are in the course of 136 years worth of filler episodes, which usually refers to supporting characters, Naruto not otherwise be seen often. New episodes of Naruto air every Wednesday evening at the Golden Time slot at 7:27 pm, and films based on the Naruto anime series are released every summer since 2004.

Naruto his first English debut on September 10, 2005 in one hour premiere on the U.S. cable channel Cartoon Network during Toonami time slots at 9pm, followed by an hour long encore (repeat of the first two episodes shown previously) at 10pm. Currently showing new episodes of Naruto every Saturday at 9pm with the encore presentation at 2am, along with reruns of ventilation 10pm Monday - Thursday. It was prior notification to the premiere that Naruto would hit Canada (less than editted version of America) for ventilation in the U.S., and on 9 September, however, due to licensing agreements the premiere was forced back to the 16th YTV in Canada. In the United Kingdom is much more heavily editted version of Naruto broadcast at 8pm on Jetix.

About Naruto - What's it all about
Twelve years before the start of the series, a Kyuubi (nine-tailed fox demon) attacked Hidden Leaf Village. A swing of one of its mighty tail could raise tsunami and Flatten mountains, chaos reigned throughout the village, slain as many people, the leader of the magazine, the fourth Hokage, beat him to sacrifice his own life to seal the demon in the newly born child, that child is Uzumaki Naruto. Fourth Hokage would forever be celebrated as a hero for zapečetili Kyuubi and saving the entire village. It was his wish that Naruto would also be observed in the same way, but that this was not the case. Everyone in the village avoided Naruto, what happened to him as nothing more than the evil demon fox. Third Hokage mostly in the village that other villagers were forbidden this event, where they all, even their own children, but because of the way their parents treated Naruto, which has been abused, and most of his youth.

As a result of this Naruto grew up as an orphan lonely, without friends, family, or the confirmation of this. No one should pay attention to him for help in the only way he knows how, by means of Pranks and mischief. However, Naruto behavior would change after the graduation of the Ninja Academy to learn the technical Kage Bunshin no Jutsu save his sensei Umino Iruka from certain death. Naruto learned two things that day that included Kyuubi in him, and that there was someone who care about him, and understand how he felt. His passing is a changing moment and define his world for the rest of his life.

Speed Grapher

After a large-scale war, a society in the past is refundable in the heart of Tokyo. As usual, the rich and poor are divided, current costs, and the city of joy and desire. Saiga, covering the war, now in Tokyo, the photographer blocked his passport from him, of course, was shot, a sexy woman in the arm. Saiga, boring surroundings, the secret society club in Roppongi, and the price you can pay a high price is known as the only way to access the survey said. A mysterious woman, Kagura, society and the Saiga WTO headquarters in the spread of electricity is used. It is, he has a special meeting with his ability to rise in the vicinity of the study, the charming wife, Saiga hot kiss with the leak. Saiga according to the world of Kagura, the government of all officials so that the famous dancer / Roppongi Club deadly killer is a layer of conspiracy and fraud and trying to dig.

The first episode of this series talking to me from the beginning and let me want more. Is a dark show that has a lot of violence and sex appeal, the two go hand in hand and from time to time, why not? For example, create a nice couple. The animation is very good and graphic, so this series is not faint of heart. If you press a number of such crazy before you certainly one of the rubber winding head sexy female assassin to gun toting pulling the upper strings. I think it will do very well fed thirst for blood, which was available as proficient late. There is one thing I advise to keep in mind the story of the shooting and death, so you just left in the dark at a later date.

24 December 2008

Download Anime Videos for the Pennies

Anime fans are always looking for the key to downloading videos Anime without cost too much. In reality, as most fans are all young children, adolescents and young adults, the age of 8-25, it makes sense that it is possible for a video of your favorite anime series for the cheap price important. This article shows how to download video Anime ear that even children can afford.

There are now paid download sites where you can download Anime videos in the entire series. These pages for you, either free or for download monthly or lump sum for the video you want to track. Depending on the location, a monthly limit cap on the number of videos can be downloaded, or are completely without restrictions in all. Since this is the case, many people prefer to once lifetime membership cost more than $ 50 in some cases. Among the best known of them is the entrance to less than $ 30.

In each of anime site, you can register and start downloading videos Anime like Full Metal Alchemist, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Gundam, bleach, Naruto, Slam Dunk, Dragon Ball, Shan and others. Good sites often have their database, so you can get the latest version of the new video. With more than hundreds of videos, you can keep hours of the popular anime series and not get bored.

You are aware that some of the places where you can download videos Anime also give you access to other multimedia files like Manga, movies based on the Manga and Anime, and so on. Depending on the downloading of software is easy to download your videos directly to your computer. Beware of your computer, TV or convert to a format compatible with your digital devices such as portal iPod or PSP.

Because there are dozens of sites that allow you to download Anime videos, you have to exercise some discretion in your choice. Everyone wants to be the best solution. Then you can create a number of factors. Read more about the conditions of each page to see if you like. Also check out the download speed to ensure that it is not fast enough, as an excellent customer and technical support, giving you problems, you can always seek help.

This is a summary of what you need to know about downloading videos Anime. Did you know that you can download unlimited full anime series in one of the most popular anime my video blog on compensation alone?

Changes in the animation industry

TECHNOLOGY Star power and have contributed to the phenomenon of entertainment, animation and genre that has roots in the entertainment of children is now more widely respected and widely than ever before.

Cartoons are part of our culture is more than 100 years. In 1906, a newspaper cartoonist named J. Stuart Blackton's first fully animated film, "humorous Phases of Funny Faces." Since then, entertainment has made the use of images and illustrations for the fun and pleasure for many generations of viewers.

During the decade, the animation industry has a number of interesting changes. Computer generated image (CGI) more and more used, and the use of cells taken by the individual animators. Animation budget also higher than they had. As a result, the cartoons are now more recognized and will not only leave the children to 'film. Animation studios, and they also work to gather more attention as a high-profile actors are doing voice-contrast with the relatively unknown.

During the first year and 90 animated cartoons, each cell of the film was created by animators. One of the classic Disney animated films, including "Snow White" or "Aladdin", using this method. Hand-drawn animation is still used in combination with the Computer Generated Imagery (CGI). But as we all have in culture, technology, its cartoons, with the CGI animation is used for special effects. In 1995, "Toy Story" is the first feature-length animated film using CGI.

Technology has the status of cartoons, but the star power has helped, too. When Disney's "Aladdin" was released in 1992, is one of the feature-length animated feature voice actors from the famous Robin Williams as Genie. Three years later, with the release of "Toy Story" to enjoy the audience entertained by Tim Allen and Tom Hanks. This phenomenon causes the other high-profile players cast in the feature-length animated film.

Perhaps because they use advanced technology to build and actors, cartoons have also been made more important than ever before. In 2002, the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences added the category for best animated film Oscar award. "Shrek" is the first to win the award. But this group came after a long period by animation studio for animation art media as a valid film. Before the award was launched, "Beauty and the Beast" is the only feature length animated film to be nominated for Best Picture.

The addition of this category in the 2002 Academy Awards ceremony has been an impact on the overall animation and increasing interest in the media. If the increase in the popularity of the animated feature film, animation and has been received at this time can be found in a wider range of television commercials and even in the animated film category as Richard Linklater's "A Scanner dark."

This movement extends even beyond Hollywood, advertisers, web designers and marketing companies use a wide audience because the animated appeal. It is not unreasonable for the brand's agency to have a home in the studio to create animation is popular.

From the movie screen on your computer, entertainment is becoming increasingly common. Technology and the stars have the power to phenomena entertainment, animation and genre that has roots in the entertainment of children is now more widely respected and widely than ever before.

Naruto anime that is suitable for children?

Malaysia's growing up, most children grow with cartoons such as Bugs Bunny and Popeye which portrays the evil and the satires that pokes fun of political figures who do not have a risk on the road. For children, the majority of the cartoons at this time has a positive impact in place of negativity or problems.

In the last few months in the rising popularity of the Japanese animation series Naruto, many parents are concerned that it may be a negative influence on children. Not only is the image many problems in the community, but also a lot of adult humor, too. This is something that we must ensure that our children will be influenced by? This will be a bad influence on children ideas about people or their contracts with one another?

Before we examine this issue further, we must first understand the background of the anime Naruto. The story revolves around Uzumaki Naruto, a child inner demons of nine-tailed fox that has destroyed many villages until a powerful Kage or leader of a village that sealed his inner demons by strong jitsu or a mystical ninja techniques. Satan, which was locked away and the story begins with the life of Naruto and Naruto adventure must be confronted. While everyone knows that the devil in May Naruto Someday exit of both friends and enemies.

From the outside, and the storyline, Naruto does not seem dangerous to children and the general storyline no guidance for the negativity is. However, unlike the Naruto Episode are subtle hints of sexuality. For one, Naruto suddenly changed into a woman wearing a bikini from the man through this Naruto Episode seduced his teacher. Other Naruto Episode, various characters that have the characteristics of a woman by nature, even if they are presented as a man.

For parents, this is the most important signs of a red flag, which tells the parents that they are not suitable for children because it is not appropriate content. But on the other hand, I dare say that in fact good for the children are exposed to the kind of influence. Currently, children are confronted with sex, violence, crime, and whether it's television or in public areas in May, although a part of minimizing the impact of such. Would you believe it or not, children choose things very quickly from the adults. Rather than banning the negative, I think parents really need to educate children early on the right and wrong and leads by example that less is something that the many deep divisions between the family and society as a whole.

Even if we have successfully screened the popular anime Naruto for our children in an attempt to protect our children, this is the core of the problem? I dare say that does not exist and we need to check ourselves in communicating with us in the education of children in the street light to talk about events and things like that. Entertainment, such as Naruto will only increase in the era of globalization and we have to learn how to deal with non-exempt from the actual reality of this world. With education and support that right, I think we can still enjoy the comics in the same way that we have enjoyed a number of cartoons in a positive way with our children.