09 January 2009


This is sometime new, now i heard that dragonball going to the cinema near you ... yeah, you heard me right dragonball going to the cinema babey.. from the Sankei Shimbun paper has posted the first poster from the Dragonball live-action film that features a main character on Friday. The poster portrays Canadian actor Justin Chatwin (War of the Worlds, The Invisible, Lost television series), who stars as Son Goku, in his familiar orange gi martial arts uniform complete with the kanji for kame ("turtle" for his mentor Master Roshi or Kame Sennin) on the back. Just as in the previous teaser poster, the new poster's Japanese text reads when translated: "The legend comes to life." The new poster also adds the following text: "Opens worldwide at maximum speed on March 13, 2009."

Twentieth Century Fox signed director James Wong (Final Destination, X-Files television series, The One) to adapt Akira Toriyama's shonen fighting manga. Viz Media publishes the original manga in North America, while Funimation distributes the anime version.

The story begins with Goku, who seeks out upon his adoptive grandfather Grandpa Gohan's dying request to find the great Master Roshi and gather all seven Dragon Balls. Of which he has one, in order to prevent the evil Lord Piccolo from succeeding in his desire to use the Dragon Balls to take over the world. And Goku's quest is to obtain the mystical Dragonballs before Piccolo does.


After the end of 2008, here are some of the best series in the years did. Also at the end of the final results of the reader to choose the outcome.

Disclaimer: This is only my personal opinion on the basis that I have seen over the last year (for the best comedy shows that have seen God). To become eligible for benefits, which may have satisfied the requirements for a referendum to select readers. This means that the series Toradora! Eating and not the spirit of awards this year - will be available in 2009.

It would be easy to decide whether it was in 2009, I had to choose Spirit eater, because some of the best I have seen action every year, so it is very consistent. Given that this is not 2009, and despite the awards and get a solution to this complex matter. I saw a lot of work in the exhibition this year, because my taste, which tends to significantly mechanisms. Working from this standpoint, and we have to decide that the Gundam series of 00 matches, you can stay on the edge of their seats and not all Gundams forces (unlike, for example, in some Knightmares Geass R2 (. Naturally helps to have a strong quality of the animation Gundam 00 work for all of these scenes, although some limits Macross deserves recognition, as well as the work of the advisory group.
Musharraf's links: Macross Frontier, Kurozuka

Since the Divine Comedy, and so from this year than I did, and on the selection and wrote the following:
Although it can be said that each of the theater only a few come to mind when it comes to heavy joke. Of these Kannagi is at the top of the hidden, often clever comedy, which was full of comedy stop in time. Rather than cucáka for "cheap laugh" and Kannagi was a unique way to do the Lucky Star farewell Zetsubou Sensei. Other series, which is close, in fact, is in this context, Minami - Ke Okawari ~ ~, but I felt that it is very funny as the first season will Doumu (animation techniques intended ...). The first season, really established the character of the complex, but the second did not seem good to very good. In this respect, Minami - Okawari ~ ~ to get Musharraf to mention, as well as private and Hyakko Hyakko Another strong candidate, because the similarity between ichigo Mashimaro (exactly), while a hint of shine throughout the world.
Musharraf signs: Minami - Ke Okawari ~ ~, Hyakko, special

There is no doubt in my mind that the best romance / drama series this year was true tears. That was the spirit of love triangle, but the book you are hooked up to the end, what happens with some big personalities (good voice work as well) and a complex set of relationships. Add to that the fact that it can not be credible and there is no need to use supernatural events or intended to murder - there were a lot of pure emotion and drama. Clannad was good, but I do not think this aspect of romance was strong enough (about the potential to change the story). Indeed, between the end of real tears, this is the last season (especially Toradora!) Nothing even close to a good romance / drama series holds tears.
Musharraf's references: Clannad, Kimikiss, ef - a tale of melodies

This is a new category this year, which indicates that the focus on interest rate than it looks. I have a choice this year, after seeing this series, on the recommendation of a friend is Kaiba. The starting point for the series is that the memories of people and agencies in the exchange, the trip begins with memories of the boy. It's kind of how the little prince or a night on the runway in the early Galactic and unreal feeling, but at the end is a very coherent story about love and betrayal. Ask for the free movement may seem strange at first, but it was easy to obtain and use, is not bad. Now, they are not satisfied with the way the series ended, but I give much credit to give great attention to issues such as the importance of memories of life and death, which can be moved or changed, and this is the series I will review at least if you have not done so.
Musharraf signs: Allison & Lillia, Natsume Yuujin Chou

here were plenty of series with shocking plot twists this year, but I think the king of them all has to be Code Geass R2. Some characters would die suddenly, others who were supposed to be dead would make dramatic returns, still others would die one week and then show back up the next…and that’s only scratching the surface. From beginning to end, one of Geass’s fortes was delivering plot twists, and that made for a very entertaining series, if ultimately imperfect. I also have to give a special shout-out to the shocking first episode of the recent Ga-Rei Zero which ended up being a complete fake-out to the rest of the series.
Honorable Mentions: Ga-Rei -Zero-

There were a lot of very well animated series this year, and if I could choose entirely based on a single impressive instance, Macross Frontier would probably win for the impression it made on me with its premiere episode. And that’s not to say that the rest of Macross Frontier wasn’t well animated, because it was. Rather, I just think that Kara no Kyoukai deserves recognition for some of the most beautiful animation this year with great cinematography, fluid motions, the works. As I said last year when I chose Byousoku 5 Centimeter, I know it’s kind of unfair to select a movie or OVA where a budget doesn’t have to be stretched over a long period of time, but if you want to see a visually stunning title, go watch Kara no Kyoukai.
Honorable Mentions: Macross Frontier

If this were any other year, a soundtrack like the one true tears had would have clinched this. Kikuchi Hajime did a wonderful job creating an array of memorable pieces, especially the piano ones. But this was a year with a Macross series, and it’s hard to compete against both Kanno Youko composing all the instrumental tracks (Prologue F remains my favorite) along with dozens of vocal tracks by the very talented May’n and Nakajima Megumi. I can honestly say that there’s not a single track on there that I don’t like. Music is just such a integral part of Macross titles, and the Macross Frontier soundtrack delivers with flying colors, whether it’s with epic sounding instrumentals or emotional love songs.
Honorable Mentions: true tears, Nabari no Ou

Given how much I enjoyed the Macross Frontier soundtrack, I was very tempted to choose one of my many favorites off of it - specifically Diamond Crevasse - but in the end, I have to hand this to Gundam 00’s second ED, Friends by Stephanie. She has a very strong voice, and I love the lyrics about the bonds between friends. It’s a song that’s stuck with me for a long time, and I can listen to it over and over without it getting old.
Here’s a YouTube link if you haven’t heard the song yet.
Honorable Mentions: Diamond Crevasse by Sheryl Nome starring May’n

And finally…

Now before half of you burn me at the stake for this, let me say that this was an incredibly hard decision to make. Unlike last year, there’s no clear number one because all of my top choices were imperfect in some way. Among other things, Geass R2 got too convoluted and plot-twist-happy for its own good, Macross Frontier had a frustrating main character and ending, and both Gundam 00 and true tears started off rather slow for me. But the best isn’t about finding the perfect series, nor is it even about which series I will most fondly remembered five years down the road - it’s about what I enjoyed the most in 2008. In that light, Geass R2 was definitely the most entertaining, and despite all the problems that it had, I still enjoyed watching it immensely from beginning to end. Yes, the pacing and the script were pretty bad, but in terms of enjoyment, I just can’t justify anything else over Code Geass R2. Now flame away :P
Honorable Mentions: true tears, Macross Frontier

The Top 5:
CODE GEASS R2 - 662 votes (29%)
Gundam 00 - 275 votes (12%)
Macross Frontier - 187 votes (8%)
Clannad - 114 votes (5%)
Kannagi - 95 votes (4%)
Total Number of Votes - 2287
Despite the problems with the poll this year and having to end it earlier than expected, Geass R2 not surprisingly grabbed an early lead and never relinquished it. I was more interested in the fact that people rated the first Clannad series higher than true tears since I found the latter to be a better show (at least without After Story attached to Clannad).

2008 was an exciting year for anime, and despite some big stumbles, there were plenty of good series. One of the more positive developments this year is how some companies have started to release official streams and subtitles of certain shows, and I’m curious to see how many 2009 shows will get this treatment and how it will shift the role of the fan community. I’m also looking forward a number of 2009 shows like Senjou no Valkyria and the new Fullmetal Alchemist series, so it should be a fun year.

05 January 2009

About bleach - Series

Tite Kubo the creator of Zombie Powder (a series that lasted only 27 chapters in the Weekly Shone Jump before the cancellation) is Bleach anime and manga series. Only his debut in Weekly Shone Jump 5 January 2002, bleach has now published a total of 22 complete volumes in Japan and become one of the most popular series to win the prestigious Shogakukan Manga Award for best series Shone 2005. Licensed by Viz Media for distribution in the Americas, Total Volume 13 have been released completely translated into English, with 16 dates today announced volume. Bleach is rapidly become one of the most popular anime series.

Bleach Manga series has been adapted to an anime series in 2004 with its first episode in syndication, 5 October 2004 to replace the F-Zero GP Legend 6:30 timetable. Bleaching was maintained at this stage for the first 54 episodes before it was moved to a more prominent place to pass in time 7:27 every Tuesday night on TV Tokyo. On 15 March 2006 it was announced that the number of Anime Bleach was approved for television, home video, merchandising and Viz Media for the Americas, Europe and Oceania, and today there are plans to air in the Anime series Bleach within hours of swimming for adults on the Cartoon Network from September 2006.

What Bleaching all about

In a world where death lurks on every corner, but not predictable normal human eyes, ichigo Kurosaki, along with his family, a local clinic. Ichigo is very unusual and exceptional ability to see the spirits, but because it is not something special for him to respond to it simply as a nuisance in your life, helping you when you're looking for. The whole world has been turned upside down when a mysterious woman appears in her room, she is a Shinigami (God of Death) named Kuchiki rukia. Kurosaki family is attacked by a pit and ichigo takes its first steps to accept the role and responsibility that we must assume Shinigami. The first part of bleach to focus primarily on the development of relations between all the major characters, instead of the real job of a Shinigami. But as the series progresses, and the events that are still developing the story begins to reach deeper into the world of the Shinigami in Soul Society

02 January 2009


In a world where children have cat ears and a tail isn’t?t the weirdest thing to cope with, Aoyagi Rikka is a sixth grader whose beloved brother was murdered 2 years before. On his first day at his new school Rikka meets a strange adult, Agamtsuma Sobi, with no cat ears or tail that wants Rikka to join him as his partner to battle his brother’s murderers.

Well this one seemed like it might not be so bad in the first half of episode one when Rikka is being flirted with by a nice cute big breasted little kitty in his new class. For some reason though Rikka wasn’t very interested in her at all, red flag number 1. Then, when he meets this guy who claims to have known his brother Rikka immediately wants to make memories with him, red flag number 2. I still had hope until the kiss between adult and grade six student. Now, I’m not intolerant of guys who dig other guys, however when one male is still in elementary school and the other is a full adult, I mean mon he didn’t even have cat ears! Anyways aside from that disturbing scene the animation is fair but I honestly couldn’t find myself getting into the series. Something is missing from this one to me, the fight scene wasn’t bad but it seemed to lack the shine of most of the other homo-sexual fighting series out there If you have an open mind and think cat ears are cute checks this one out but if aren’t able to get past some of the male to male affection I don’t think this is for you.