25 December 2008

Everything about Naruto - Series

Naruto is anime and manga series created by Masashi Kishi Moto centered around loud, hyper, young Ninja, which is constantly searching for approval and recognition, with a big ambition to become Hokage. First published as a manga series in Japan by Shueisha in the 43rd issue of Shonen Jump magazine in November 1999 Naruto series has increased exponentially in popularity and has since been licensed in the U.S. (VIZ Media is becoming the best selling title) and nearly two dozen other countries, with the anime series currently ventilation in 18 countries.

Although the anime series debuted on TV in Japan on October 3, 2002 nearly three years after the manga series, which first appeared quickly caught up, because each element can cover up to two chapters. To prevent the series was pulled from the air and almost completely cancel without official story to base a lot (and death) of other anime such as Rurouni Kenshin, that decision has been made for the production of original content for manga anime series to time to move forward and keep Naruto fresh in the minds of many of his supporters. Since the episodes are in the course of 136 years worth of filler episodes, which usually refers to supporting characters, Naruto not otherwise be seen often. New episodes of Naruto air every Wednesday evening at the Golden Time slot at 7:27 pm, and films based on the Naruto anime series are released every summer since 2004.

Naruto his first English debut on September 10, 2005 in one hour premiere on the U.S. cable channel Cartoon Network during Toonami time slots at 9pm, followed by an hour long encore (repeat of the first two episodes shown previously) at 10pm. Currently showing new episodes of Naruto every Saturday at 9pm with the encore presentation at 2am, along with reruns of ventilation 10pm Monday - Thursday. It was prior notification to the premiere that Naruto would hit Canada (less than editted version of America) for ventilation in the U.S., and on 9 September, however, due to licensing agreements the premiere was forced back to the 16th YTV in Canada. In the United Kingdom is much more heavily editted version of Naruto broadcast at 8pm on Jetix.

About Naruto - What's it all about
Twelve years before the start of the series, a Kyuubi (nine-tailed fox demon) attacked Hidden Leaf Village. A swing of one of its mighty tail could raise tsunami and Flatten mountains, chaos reigned throughout the village, slain as many people, the leader of the magazine, the fourth Hokage, beat him to sacrifice his own life to seal the demon in the newly born child, that child is Uzumaki Naruto. Fourth Hokage would forever be celebrated as a hero for zapeĨetili Kyuubi and saving the entire village. It was his wish that Naruto would also be observed in the same way, but that this was not the case. Everyone in the village avoided Naruto, what happened to him as nothing more than the evil demon fox. Third Hokage mostly in the village that other villagers were forbidden this event, where they all, even their own children, but because of the way their parents treated Naruto, which has been abused, and most of his youth.

As a result of this Naruto grew up as an orphan lonely, without friends, family, or the confirmation of this. No one should pay attention to him for help in the only way he knows how, by means of Pranks and mischief. However, Naruto behavior would change after the graduation of the Ninja Academy to learn the technical Kage Bunshin no Jutsu save his sensei Umino Iruka from certain death. Naruto learned two things that day that included Kyuubi in him, and that there was someone who care about him, and understand how he felt. His passing is a changing moment and define his world for the rest of his life.

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