25 December 2008

Speed Grapher

After a large-scale war, a society in the past is refundable in the heart of Tokyo. As usual, the rich and poor are divided, current costs, and the city of joy and desire. Saiga, covering the war, now in Tokyo, the photographer blocked his passport from him, of course, was shot, a sexy woman in the arm. Saiga, boring surroundings, the secret society club in Roppongi, and the price you can pay a high price is known as the only way to access the survey said. A mysterious woman, Kagura, society and the Saiga WTO headquarters in the spread of electricity is used. It is, he has a special meeting with his ability to rise in the vicinity of the study, the charming wife, Saiga hot kiss with the leak. Saiga according to the world of Kagura, the government of all officials so that the famous dancer / Roppongi Club deadly killer is a layer of conspiracy and fraud and trying to dig.

The first episode of this series talking to me from the beginning and let me want more. Is a dark show that has a lot of violence and sex appeal, the two go hand in hand and from time to time, why not? For example, create a nice couple. The animation is very good and graphic, so this series is not faint of heart. If you press a number of such crazy before you certainly one of the rubber winding head sexy female assassin to gun toting pulling the upper strings. I think it will do very well fed thirst for blood, which was available as proficient late. There is one thing I advise to keep in mind the story of the shooting and death, so you just left in the dark at a later date.

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