28 December 2008

The Law of Ueki

Ueki Kosuke middle schooler is calm and cool, who enjoy cleaning up the environment. To match his love of nature, he was given the strange ability to turn garbage into trees, his teacher Kobayashi, who is God, who must find a worthy person holding all his power and become his successor as a god. However, there is a price to be paid is set, how many times can use their skills and using his last opportunity to die. Ueki does not know it yet but his teacher, he came into the contest compete for a chance to become one of the gods against the other candidates God. "Will Ueki be able to complete its task, or the attempt was unsuccessful, and at what price?

Well, I admit premise of this series appears to be a bit faded, but what I took from the first episode was not what I expected. Ueki is a funny and likable and uses his ability lame in creative ways he tries to overcome his opponents. Animation is average, but it seems to be a nice break from the light of one of a series of heavier reminded me a little Hunter X Hunter. This could go either way, but if you are interested in a good range of light to break up the complex storylines and a lot of other series there to see.

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