24 December 2008

Naruto anime that is suitable for children?

Malaysia's growing up, most children grow with cartoons such as Bugs Bunny and Popeye which portrays the evil and the satires that pokes fun of political figures who do not have a risk on the road. For children, the majority of the cartoons at this time has a positive impact in place of negativity or problems.

In the last few months in the rising popularity of the Japanese animation series Naruto, many parents are concerned that it may be a negative influence on children. Not only is the image many problems in the community, but also a lot of adult humor, too. This is something that we must ensure that our children will be influenced by? This will be a bad influence on children ideas about people or their contracts with one another?

Before we examine this issue further, we must first understand the background of the anime Naruto. The story revolves around Uzumaki Naruto, a child inner demons of nine-tailed fox that has destroyed many villages until a powerful Kage or leader of a village that sealed his inner demons by strong jitsu or a mystical ninja techniques. Satan, which was locked away and the story begins with the life of Naruto and Naruto adventure must be confronted. While everyone knows that the devil in May Naruto Someday exit of both friends and enemies.

From the outside, and the storyline, Naruto does not seem dangerous to children and the general storyline no guidance for the negativity is. However, unlike the Naruto Episode are subtle hints of sexuality. For one, Naruto suddenly changed into a woman wearing a bikini from the man through this Naruto Episode seduced his teacher. Other Naruto Episode, various characters that have the characteristics of a woman by nature, even if they are presented as a man.

For parents, this is the most important signs of a red flag, which tells the parents that they are not suitable for children because it is not appropriate content. But on the other hand, I dare say that in fact good for the children are exposed to the kind of influence. Currently, children are confronted with sex, violence, crime, and whether it's television or in public areas in May, although a part of minimizing the impact of such. Would you believe it or not, children choose things very quickly from the adults. Rather than banning the negative, I think parents really need to educate children early on the right and wrong and leads by example that less is something that the many deep divisions between the family and society as a whole.

Even if we have successfully screened the popular anime Naruto for our children in an attempt to protect our children, this is the core of the problem? I dare say that does not exist and we need to check ourselves in communicating with us in the education of children in the street light to talk about events and things like that. Entertainment, such as Naruto will only increase in the era of globalization and we have to learn how to deal with non-exempt from the actual reality of this world. With education and support that right, I think we can still enjoy the comics in the same way that we have enjoyed a number of cartoons in a positive way with our children.

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