02 January 2009


In a world where children have cat ears and a tail isn’t?t the weirdest thing to cope with, Aoyagi Rikka is a sixth grader whose beloved brother was murdered 2 years before. On his first day at his new school Rikka meets a strange adult, Agamtsuma Sobi, with no cat ears or tail that wants Rikka to join him as his partner to battle his brother’s murderers.

Well this one seemed like it might not be so bad in the first half of episode one when Rikka is being flirted with by a nice cute big breasted little kitty in his new class. For some reason though Rikka wasn’t very interested in her at all, red flag number 1. Then, when he meets this guy who claims to have known his brother Rikka immediately wants to make memories with him, red flag number 2. I still had hope until the kiss between adult and grade six student. Now, I’m not intolerant of guys who dig other guys, however when one male is still in elementary school and the other is a full adult, I mean mon he didn’t even have cat ears! Anyways aside from that disturbing scene the animation is fair but I honestly couldn’t find myself getting into the series. Something is missing from this one to me, the fight scene wasn’t bad but it seemed to lack the shine of most of the other homo-sexual fighting series out there If you have an open mind and think cat ears are cute checks this one out but if aren’t able to get past some of the male to male affection I don’t think this is for you.

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