05 January 2009

About bleach - Series

Tite Kubo the creator of Zombie Powder (a series that lasted only 27 chapters in the Weekly Shone Jump before the cancellation) is Bleach anime and manga series. Only his debut in Weekly Shone Jump 5 January 2002, bleach has now published a total of 22 complete volumes in Japan and become one of the most popular series to win the prestigious Shogakukan Manga Award for best series Shone 2005. Licensed by Viz Media for distribution in the Americas, Total Volume 13 have been released completely translated into English, with 16 dates today announced volume. Bleach is rapidly become one of the most popular anime series.

Bleach Manga series has been adapted to an anime series in 2004 with its first episode in syndication, 5 October 2004 to replace the F-Zero GP Legend 6:30 timetable. Bleaching was maintained at this stage for the first 54 episodes before it was moved to a more prominent place to pass in time 7:27 every Tuesday night on TV Tokyo. On 15 March 2006 it was announced that the number of Anime Bleach was approved for television, home video, merchandising and Viz Media for the Americas, Europe and Oceania, and today there are plans to air in the Anime series Bleach within hours of swimming for adults on the Cartoon Network from September 2006.

What Bleaching all about

In a world where death lurks on every corner, but not predictable normal human eyes, ichigo Kurosaki, along with his family, a local clinic. Ichigo is very unusual and exceptional ability to see the spirits, but because it is not something special for him to respond to it simply as a nuisance in your life, helping you when you're looking for. The whole world has been turned upside down when a mysterious woman appears in her room, she is a Shinigami (God of Death) named Kuchiki rukia. Kurosaki family is attacked by a pit and ichigo takes its first steps to accept the role and responsibility that we must assume Shinigami. The first part of bleach to focus primarily on the development of relations between all the major characters, instead of the real job of a Shinigami. But as the series progresses, and the events that are still developing the story begins to reach deeper into the world of the Shinigami in Soul Society

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